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Make sure that the raw module is loaded: Your ffado-mixer opens and recognizes the ProjectMix, but I am not able to see any reaction to the ffado-mixer sliders on the ProjectMix hardware. They’re not ‘PCM interface’. Just search for rt in synaptic and it should be there somewhere. I hope you to do these test when killing pulseaudio. Number of channels command failed send oops send oops. I was able to record with my microphone, and a preamp.

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Can’t find any on M-Audio’s site.

I’m quite sure this is the problem, because when I reboot into windoze without actually rebooting the Audiophile, it works normally. Would figewire help any?

Could not parse config rom of node 1 on port 0 no message buffer overruns. I’ve installed UbuntuStudio, ffado, Jack. Then it says it doesn’t know what I’m on about.

[ubuntu-studio-devel] ALSA firewire drivers

I have a firewire audiophile too, and I’m trying to get it to work Magic number not correct. So anyway I can get it to play back audio through jack, however only after I boot into Winblows, which I assume uploads the firmware to the Audiophile. Then I want to add testers’ name into the patches with auriophile field.


Established connection on channel 1.

In fact, just after an firmware upload jackd doesn’t output bad errors or too much warnings it just warn: Could not parse config rom of node 1 on port 0 no message buffer overruns in other posts I have seen there is another device recognised at node id auciophile – so Fireiwre am wondering what I am doing wrong or if the box is ok. Obtain the firmware file “fwap.

Or please contact to me if you have some deviices listed as ‘able to be supported’. Detect discontinuity of CIP: Do I need to remove the in front of the line? I guess you record from PulseAudio, not directly from your device.

M-audio audiophile firewire driver for Ubuntu

I’d like to try with another copy of the fwap. Would you explain more detail? Turns out my audiophile still works with windows just fine, so it is not bricked and it was most likely a failing Ricoh port or an improper configuration of SMbus in the kernel on my part.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I was able to confirm that the headphone volume works through the ProjectMix hardware when listening to random noise.

Has I said on the previous mail I always modify the mixer of Audiophile by increasing, or decreasing software output or by linking it on Line ouput 1 or 2 to have sound. I don’t yet try on Windows but I think that this is caused by the firmware or by the Audiophile. I just leave the power button on and it boots with the computer.


Gonna load linux on another laptop i just got audiophlle new battery for, which has a texas instruments host controller. That’s something for the next release I’m afraid. I’m not sure exactly which version it is because I am away from my PC at the moment, but knowing the overlay it should be a later one.

I installed the modules with dkms. Data rate for MIDI substream’ in this post: I cannot read Spanish language October 14th, 8.

Call for testing (final): ALSA driver for some firewire devices

I was able to record with my microphone, and a preamp. For instance, how should I start jackd I use qjackctl. And that’s it, the firmware is loaded. MIDI functionality may work but there is an issue for Firewire

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