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Tools and Software Ecosystems. Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform Driver. Say yes here to get support for the Sensortek STK 3-axis. If so, the module will be called stk No commitment taken to produce Proposal: I’ve rewritten most of the driver to work with the 3.

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To compile this driver as a module, choose M. This subsystem seems well suited to the accelerometer. IoT for Smart Things. So what are your bizarre and interesting then? On Thu, May 24, at Alan — To unsubscribe from this list: As you say, an input wrapper could be provided. I’m not sure what they are, and the datasheet makes no attempt to clarify lis33d1lh issue.

My experimental i2c bus platform init code doesn’t seem to work as expected Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals. Thankfully they didn’t manage to li3s31dlh the LIS driver during this mess. Note as well that the buffer based in kernel stuff is still under review I’ll try and get a rebased version out tomorrow.

Re: LIS331DLH accelerometer driver, IIO or not?

If so, these modules. I found an IIO driver for the device written for 2.


Product is in volume production only to support customers ongoing production. ST Code of Conduct Blog.

lis3lv02d: fix some comments specific to lisdlh driver – Patchwork

Like option 2, this driver is not likely to be as configurable as the IIO driver. There are however some lis331dh elements. Gah sounds like a bug snuck in.

In kernel ones much less so! Product is in volume production. Google is failing me and I’m curious ; Also, I’d almost have been inclinded to say this device should go in input, with a few ‘additional’ interfaces, but sounds like you want stuff input can’t provide?

[PATCH] staging: lis331dlh: add lis331dlh driver

The data sheets are rather sparse. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Now that the IIO subsystem is out of staging, it might be a right place.

I believe that should meet with everyone’s suggestions. Say yes here to get support for the Sensortek STK 3-axis.

[PATCH] staging: lisdlh: add lisdlh driver

I agree that this sort of device should have an input interface. I will try to clean it up and get it out for an RFC soon as this is my first real driver, I’m sure your input would be helpful. I have an ancient driver for the lis3l02dq alone in iio from the start that will also get eaten up by Daren’s new driver and the ability to test on that part on spi.


Menu Products Explore our product portfolio. I’ve been trying to avoid special purpose events like that by mapping everything to the underlying real motion these might be rate of change of acceleration thresholds, but I doubt we’ll find that in the data sheets! There will be a few iterations of this driver necessary before it can replace the existing one.

You’ve laid it out extremely clearly. Also right now we have no in kernel interface for getting events – will require an extra layer and a demuxer similar but simpler to the buffer one.

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