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Not exactly what i was looking for, to be honest i dont even know where i left the stick, didnt use it once. Search in titles only Search in Insteon mnsandler only Search. Intermatic is a leader in developing a reliable home control system with a reasonable price point, exceptional effectiveness and real easeofuse that integrates seamlessly into any household. I am running Windows 7. This will enable the Insteon portion of the plug-in. Looking to integrate all of them together

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I hope this is true!

HouseBot Hardware Compatibility

I was able to iintermatic a few codes from this website http: How can we best discover which devices we have can be operated with Insteon? Yeah someone from the company contacted me and sent me the drivers for the stick. Saw a matching Insteon text message, returning: Originally posted by mnsandler View Post. Intsrmatic multiple interface types associated with the plugin, and you need to enable all you’re planning on using. I have followed the driver installation instructions on the homeseer website but when.

intermatc Have you looked into Mono for porting your code? You can use it as a repeater as long as it is not the last device to talk to the lock.


Did not see the message in time. My basic intention is to- 1- Connect my laptop running on Ubuntu to the Lock using the Z-wave stick initially thought it would be HA The driver description says it does the same as the Win 7 driver ie- open a COM Port for communication. Dean Roddey is offline.

With alarms, stopwatches, and count down timers, along with text messaging capabilities and more, you can time almost anything you can imagine. Just want to be able to control devices using Z-wave. Of course, if you use HomeSeer, that’s not an issue at all, but it’s not a portable answer. You replicate that network configuration over to CQC to tell it what units you have. Started by ATantry23 Sep Completed timer can play a wave sound or run a program with custom parameters.

MainLobby supports at least these these are the ones that have been tested: Next question, where do i get the drivers?


Is there anything on the market better than the controlthink Think Stick? Use the links below to download Firmware, Older Driver Downloads. I hope I can use these messages to some value. I have been supplied with some Beta drivers for the HA22 for use with Vista.


Intermatic ha22 windows 7 driver

We have our own driver that talks directly to the controller. Also is there anyway i can make use of the HA Z-wave stick?. The Chroming Rose Theater build. Yes this will work. Ok so i went out and bought this usb stick from homemanageables, just wanted to see what intermattic guys were all about and was interested in the iphone interface.

Initially, click No, not this time to the window prompting the use of Window Update. BB code is On. Login or Sign Up.

Depending on the distance of the lock from the controller – if the controller can talk to the lock directly and does not have to route through hop another device it doesn’t. The details have been written to the log file – C:

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