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Review Sections Review Prices Specs. Don’t know for how long, but if you’ve got the same problem, it’s worth a try. I’m sorry, but you really can’t tell, even by just looking at an example. If those lines are actually more like ink smears or drag type marks on the paper, then its possible that the same build-up is sticking to the wet ink on the bottom side area of the printhead assembly and its hanging down far enough, to act like a small paint brush. We also need to know the actual model of your printer It sounds like you already deleted your printer and its drivers and loaded new Printer Drivers, so you eliminated that possibility already Sometimes that build-up will simply smear the wet ink thats being placed on the paper, as that “Print Cartridge Holder Assembly” moves back-n-forth.

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This printer is also pretty slow with text, running at less than two pages per minute.

Casing Corsair Carbide 200R

The Canon MG is a fast, easy-to-use printer with plenty of attractive features The R is, however, a quiet, smooth performer. The only way to find out, is to clean those two areas, just to eliminate that possibility.

If its more like an ink smearing problem, then once that area is thoughly cleaned, that problem will normally go away.

It takes roughly three minutes to output a printed CD or DVD, depending on the complexity of your design. While that may be a drawback if you’re in a hurry to get a print, it can save you from unintentionally printing pages of unusable graphics.


We also need to know the actual model of your printer Review Sections Review Prices Specs. Setting up the Epson R and connecting it to your PC or Mac is very easy, but note that you have to supply your own USB cable this isn’t unusual; all printers ship without them.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s I’ve also run straight prints through the machine and the color seems in the ballpark so I don’t know what to make of it. Epson Stylus Photo R 0.

Casing Corsair Carbide R

Epson includes a well-illustrated poster to guide beginners through the six-step setup process. With larger fonts, we also saw the horizontal banding typical of a vertical printhead misalignment.

It sounds like you already deleted your printer and its drivers and loaded new Printer Drivers, so you eliminated that possibility already Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. This isn’t the best output we’ve seen from Epson, but your average shutterbug should be able to live with it.

Some lines of text appear to be in italic. At first glance, the text 200t out by the R on Epson’s Premium Bright White paper was dark 2200r legible, but on closer inspection, we saw ragged rather than sharp edges around and inside of most characters, as if the printhead were not properly aligned. Epson streaking magenta. Speed isn’t this printer’s forte either.


When I see horizontal lines or colored lines [side to side on page] being printed across photos, its usually do to either a failing “Printhead Assembly”, or a failing “Main Board Assembly”, but no way to really know for sure. We’ve changed, we promise. Color graphics printed by the R, again on coated inkjet paper, didn’t come out that well, nor did the embedded photographs in the test document, primarily because of poor dithering and problems with horizontal color registration.


Photos came out OK, but text and graphics didn’t fare very well. Lest we forget, the Epson Stylus Photo R also epzon on a variety of stock, from plain copy paper to fancy photo papers, with a maximum resolution of 5,x1,dpi.

An oval opening in e;son cover gives access to the power, ink, and paper buttons. Here is the info I found originally. I don’t know what print processor settings you may have for the Epson but just try the different ones and see if it works.

Epson Stylus Photo R review: Epson Stylus Photo R – CNET

Best Printers for The mobile world eepson finally get exciting again in Don’t show this again. Epson Stylus Photo R Part: Other than actually performing cleaning and servicing, you could try using a different software program to print from, just in case the software you are using, is causing a possible problem.

Voila, seems to work! The fun never stops.

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