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Between each driver install restart your computer and try again. Vista should work fine. I tried hook up my Vcr straight to Tv and I got perfect Picture. I would love to hear how you got yours to work. Thanks a ton for hosting these drivers You are helping a lot of people: On Windows 10 Microsoft uses some compatibly drivers for this device dated from

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I do have to say a big Thank You! No threats were detected by Windows Defender Windows 10 on that download and no threat from Metascan online https: The programs find the device, but when I select it, everything is just black.

Your email address will not be published. Easier Cap DC usbtv on Wimdows I also met a problem using Easycap the software included in honestech TVR2. I was able to have my crappy Vldeo 2. April windows 10 update seems to have broken it for me. In my unqualified opinion, if it works to convert my precious VHS then its worth spreading the news.


I didnt find any driver for it.

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On another the one I actually want to work!!! First of all, thanks to visser for the article… i capturre my EasyCap work on Windows 8. I have installed the exe. Thanks for the post!

My laptop would not run the mini disc that came with it. The software does not allow us to change the video aspect and as a result we end up with a picture that stretches from top to bottom of screen, eempia is only about 30cm wide when we try to playback on our ejpia TV.

I use this to capture the video signal for use in vMix. My computer crashed twice and the editing files on Arcsoft disappeared.

I found empia 28xx driver that working on windows When i remove and replug, same is happening. Thanks for this page!! I was able to get mine functioning.

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I only have a single input connector, not a 4-port input for DVR needs. Can someone translate this to English. And it so happened that I found on your site. Saved me a lot of money I would have spent on a new device. Really a pain in emmpia ass.


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Now I need to get in touch with them. I hate to bother you with this question.

After loading and trying to open, it asks for a product key. I use Windows 8. The Easycap-by-Colour works brilliant on W There are no applications in the folder that I see.

Hi Heli, the problem from the beginning is that the Windows drivers for EasyCap devices were tailored for each variant by the manufacturer and only distributed on the CD packaged with the device. I did not need to disable driver signature enforcement via the Advanced options start-up screen. However, I cannot find appropriate drivers for these cpature two:.

I installed the easycap 4ch dvr.

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