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Pages per Sheet on the Finishing tab is not 1. Already have an HP account? The PM Microlab printer prints a 6×4 photo in five passes past a set of three fixed print heads. For instance, when using Microsoft Word, the Collate check box in the Print dialog box is selected by default. Print a booklet Complete the following steps to print a booklet in most software programs:. Select a paper type instructs the device to use a group of predefined settings to create the best possible print quality for that type of paper. Collated check box becomes available and can be changed when the Copy Count setting is greater than 1.

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This setting does not affect graphic images on the page, nor does it affect any text that is part of a graphic.

Form to Tray Assignment A system administrator can use Form to Tray Assignment to specify the paper size in each input tray. The following figure shows the Finishing tab.

HP LaserJet and Edgeline Print Driver Onl… – Apple Community

The driver scales the page by the appropriate factor and prjnt it to the device. Use the Digital Flash setting to adjust lighting levels to reveal areas in shadow. Any optional source trays that are installed through the Device Settings tab also appear here. When not collated, copies of each page print together. The printers also sport HP’s EasySelect Control Panel, a common user interface it introduced to its multifunction business printer line six months ago.


Views Read Edit View history. Click OK to accept all of the changes that are made in the Watermark Details pront box. The following figure shows the Advanced tab. Booklet layout The Booklet Layout drop-down egeline, visible when Print on Both Sides is selected, offers choices that are based on the current paper size.

However, sending a multiple-copy print job when the mopier is disabled eliminates the advantage of transmitting the print job once, because the job is sent through the network for each copy.

HP aims to speed business printing with Edgeline – ARN

This setting might improve printing speed in some cases. The following figure shows the Output tab. Any font larger than the maximum setting will be downloaded as an outline Type 1 font. It’s a bit like using a multi-nozzled sprinkler system instead of a hosepipe.

Chapter separator pages dialog box. Airbus A lands in Sydney. This feature is useful when printing sensitive or confidential documents should not remain in an output bin after printing. The serial number provided does not match the previously selected product. Wait Timeout This control specifies how long the device waits to get more postscript information from edgleine computer.

Edgeline printing

Colors are matched to optimize the RGB colors on the screen and to provide vivid images and graphics. To gain access to the Properties tabs:.


When this option is selected, images sent as JPEG are printed as bitmaps, resulting in faster printing. Graphic The Graphic control contains the following settings:. Create a custom printing shortcut. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you make changes to a watermark and then select a different watermark or click Printtall of the changes are saved, and only the current, unsaved changes can be canceled. HP’s aim is that users will be able to operate future business printers intuitively, wherever they find them in the enterprise, through a common interface.

The Output tab contains the following controls:.

For some software programs, this communication does not take place, and the copies values prit treated independently. Print Document On on the Effects tab is selected. The following Properties print-driver tabs are available:. Image Shift dialog box. The font file names appear in the Font s to be Added window. The Color drop-down menu contains only one option:

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