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Dmitri has probably done as much for Palm as any of their in-house talent. Once again the card booted. Hook , Sep 19, I was able to bring up sshd with X-forwarding, and even run firefox on the card it was slow. They unpack it bunzip2 from the jffs2 filesystem at boot into the RAM.

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Developer Sets Out to Create Palm OS-Compatible Operating System

I do not see a reason to be excited about them yet, but at the same time to reason to give up on them yet. The letter claims that because the product sduc website contains the word “Palm” it is “likely to give customers and potential customers the erroneous impression that your company has a relationship with Palm, or that the information and products provided on your site have been authorized for release or approved by Palm.

In fact, aplying power to it is enough. This actually explains why flashing new firmware erases the settings – the entire NOR flash partition is overwritten with the dmigry image.

The way the card works is rather curious. Share This Page Tweet. Well, it is not configured with a “. The modules pose an interesting problem – kernel checks module versions and refuses to load wrong ones. This was quite an interesting project that was also built on record-replay.


In case anyone’s forgotten, a few quick examples to job everyone’s memory: Clearly Transcend did not ship us the proper config. I added support for swap, ext4, sysfs, loop, and a few other modern conveniences we all know and love. They also did not provide the sources to u-boot. I designed the architecture for the sensor subsystem both on the android side and on the embedded controller side, played a part in the chip selection, wrote the controller code – a small RTOS with threads, clocks, power management, and dynamically loadable sensor drivers.

Dmitry Grinberg Gets C&D’d by Palm

I’d love to see this corrected with this software. They provide no info on how to build, nor do they provide any configs. Then, I worked in Android Home, on a few projects, sehc of which shipped Newer Post Older Post Home. Creating software to benefit their retired fleet, would mean less revenue off new hardware sales.

That’s when Dmitry Grinberg stepped in. This is either a final effort of Palm to keep their trademark in order or sheer lunacy of some paralegal that got enough signatures from people too busy to realize what they are doing.

If there is one thing Palm is really good at though it’s severing ties with its fan base. I worked on the team that created the replay-debugging feature.

It takes only few months for a great programmer to write alone this piece of software Grinberg has acknowledged the problem but says he’s unlikely to fix it. He is currently working on a high-capacity SDHC driver for Palm OS based handhelds, and a beta version has been available for several weeks now. At least he cares whether Palm’s hardware and software work correctly.


After turning off module version checking in the kernel config, there was still no luck, so I decided to go into module. In replay mode, however, the asserts were executed; their side-effects were undone to avoid ruining the deterministic nature of replay; and replay was continued.

They unpack it bunzip2 from the jffs2 filesystem at boot into the RAM. The first time I got a reply from a “Customer Service Manager” Marc Crawfordwho said that “Regretfully, this product has been discontinued and we no longer sell this card in the United States. Then, I am worked in the Android Wear team making cool wearable devices powered by Android. The idea was simple: Once inside, it is the nice and comfy environment you’d expect.

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