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I am hence hoping that Mike can have the time to look into this difference with Blueinput and update Easyconnect to cover those machines that have the “paired but not connected” problem. I have rooted the phone, and tried connecting with stock, but rooted kernal the Logitec BT kb, but it now states the phone will not recognize keyboards. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Maybe we could achive it together. The app works well. Minor bug report on Android 2.

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[APP]Bluetooth Keyboard Easy Connect

I used the root keyboard method which involved copying some files into the phone. In fact, I typed this reply using it. However on the nook color If I made blue input demo an system app it stayed connected and worked. Like I said making it a system app nlueinput nook color made it work.

But unfortunately no key presses arrive at my phone It is a motorolla kz It would appear to me that while the tablet thought it had all the information and had paired with the keyboard, it “forgot” to send some acknowledgement back to the keyboard. I used blue input demo app to connect it on my nook color with cm7. blieinput


BlueInput – Use your Bluetooth mouse with Windows Mobile – Coolsmartphone

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. May 14, 3, 1, Didn’t have same luck.

I copied the app to system app rebooted and have same issue bljeinput I undid it. Did you try getting it to work first without the app? OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Maybe we could achive it together. Keyboard is this one: LG Optimus V, rooted, Android 2.

BlueInput – Use your Bluetooth mouse with Windows Mobile

That is, never having installed the app at all on your N7 for any reason? Just want to get it to work on my nexus 7 with or without a software app. In the on or off state the notice will pop up as soon as BT turns on. So far I haven’t heard back. Download our Official Android App: I would say there might be an issues with your keyboard that makes it disconnect.

Cause I got a message saying paired but not connected. The keyboard LED kept boueinput which indicated that it was still trying to pair. I sent my cat log to Blue input demo.


XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. By pushing files to system, you’re just going to screw it up. Blue input demo was the only way I could make it work on nook color. Can you possibly check and see if the button to turn off the service still works? Hey mikesomething98, I wanted to ask if maybe there is any chance to get my bluetooth mini keyboard running with your app.

Turn BT and keyboard on, set to discoverable, type the number it says to type and Bpueinput So I’m here to 3 things: Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. May simply be the OS refreshing, I notice it will make anything running go blank then reload when connecting.

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