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Create your own personal cloud Zen AiO Pro is the hub of your digital life, allowing you to create your own personal cloud for fast, secure and convenient access to all your files from any device. Next to come is the harddisk. Powerful beyond your imagination Zen AiO Pro has incredible performance to match its incredible looks. On the right side of the Aio A monitor, you’ll find an optical drive. Upgrading the Aio A is pretty easy if you’re already a seasoned PC enthusiast. A look at the ports behind the Aio A About our only complaint with the Aio A is the lack of upgradability and expansion options.

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ECS have also up the ante by bundling a cordless keyboard and mouse combo with the Aio A Don’t expect them to sound as good as a dedicated 2.

The Art of Performance in Stunning Detail

Stylish design, expertly crafted We believe that technology can be beautiful, and Zen AiO Pro is the ultimate proof. Colors were well reproduced and the screen is bright, with texts displayed clear and sharp.

Hardcore gamers will no doubt be disappointed by the lack of a better dedicated 3D card, but really, the Aio A isn’t meant to be a gaming rig anyway. The concept of an all-in-one PC isn’t new but the ECS Aio A is a highly integrated computer with a variety of specifications to satisfy your needs for word-processing, graphics design, Internet alo well as aoo gaming.

We believe that technology can be beautiful, and Zen AiO Pro is the ultimate proof.


ECS Aio A950 Modem Driver 2.41.0034

And the best part is, because everything is all fitted under one hood, there is only the power supply cable to catch aii person’s sight. Encased in a plastic cover, the harddisk is latched just right behind the LCD monitor board. This is an old modsm page of HWZ prior to revamp. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp.

And it wasn’t made any easier by the LCD monitor rear circuitaries, since it is slanted in such an angle that it is not possible to use a tool such as a screw driver to help lock the HSF into place.

The buttons to adjust your monitor settings accordingly. A look at some of the one-touch buttons on the keyboard.

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PC Link PC Link keeps you in touch with notifications from mobile devices, so you never need miss a call, or miss out on your social updates even if your device is in another room! This is simply a technical way of saying that Zen AiO Pro reproduces more colors, more accurate colors, and colors that are richer and more vivid than a standard display.

Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. Here, we can see the direction button – a boost for Net surfers.

ECS Aio A – the Athlon-based LCD PC (Page 3/7) :: Articles :: ®

Let’s take a look. You can, though, always opt to use a dedicated speaker systems in place of the built-in ones by using the rear audio ports. You mean, you still use a ball mouse today? If you ever want to change to a better harddisk, just unsnap the two clips by the side, unscrew the harddisk from the plastic casing and you’re done. More than enough for your casual usage.


The overall built of the keyboard is really just average. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp. In addition, users can always consider external USB 2.

The whole system looks clean and modern, and makes a good, space-saving computer for the bedroom or lounge, or even to be used as a PC on the receptionist’s desk. A side profile of the Aio A To remove the harddisk, simply press on the clip as shown in the arrow. No matter how you look at it, the screen of Zen AiO Pro is a marvel. Besides blocking the HSF, you would find from the pictures above that space is a little too constraint in the areas around the double DIMM slots.

ECS Aio A – the Athlon-based LCD PC (Page 4/7) :: Articles :: ®

z950 A look at the ventilations behind the system. Developed by the ASUS Golden Ear engineering team, its six-speaker stereo configuration and watt output delivers immersive full-range, multi-layered sound with rich, thumping bass and sparkling highs.

Upgrading the Aio A is pretty easy if you’re already a seasoned PC enthusiast.

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